Mercy's Caduceus Staff Prop

Mercy's Caduceus Staff Prop

3D-Printed, Painted, and Illuminated Mercy Caduceus Staff

Base of 3D printing parts came from:

With updated cylinder for LED lighting from:

And the improved hilt from:

Tube: 1 1/4"OD X 1"ID X 96" Polycarbonate 8-foot tube from

Inside of tube painted with Ikea black acrylic paint. Poured paint down tube and spread by forcing a small sponge through repeatedly, attached with string. Dried by running a pool-floatie air-pump through the tube for a day.

Masked parts off with green "Frog" tape, spray painted with generic primer and sanded several times, spray painted with gloss paints, and a clear-coat spray.

To avoid learning howto edit 3D models or try to drill into the printed parts, I decided to go wireless.

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I slid an Adafruit Bluefruit Feather m0 into the 1-inch inner-diameter tube with a cylindrical rechargeable battery: and

Tip of the staff is lit with an Adafruit "Jewel" LED 1-inch circle:

With a really adorable 3/4" acrylic sphere hot-glued into the tip's end to act as diffusion. Three long wires were fed down the tube and soldered to make the connections. It all fits quite nicely.

Source code:

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